Monday, April 30, 2012

Bonds of Fenris is now available! + More Reviews

Yeah, I know, the release date isn't for another week. We've actually spoken of this before; see my earlier post on the subject. Well, as planned, I uploaded Bonds of Fenris yesterday, and it is now available for purchase directly from the Smashwords site. It should be going out to other sites soon, including Apple's iBookstore,  Barnes &, Kobo, and so forth. It will be on Amazon eventually, but that'll take time. Amazon does not have a publishing agreement with Smashwords, which means I have to make a separate edition for them. (This doesn't mean the content will be any different, though I may have to cut out the ToC if it's not working right.) Unfortunately, Amazon's interface is a lot less user-friendly than Smashwords', and their support section is cluttered. Give me time.

So, short version: out at Smashwords now, out at your favorite eBook retailer soon. If it's all the same to you, I suggest buying direct from Smashwords, because I get more money that way. ^_^

In related news, more reviews are springing up:
And that's it for now. More to come, hopefully!


  1. Actually, because we received ARC downloads from you instead of Smashwords, we can't post our reviews there. As of right now there's a message at the bottom saying, "You need to purchase this book before you can review it." It's a good security measure on the part of Smashwords - less spam that way - but it does prevent your ARC reviewers from posting there. Just an FYI.

  2. Just to let you know, my review of your book went live today: Bonds of Fenris


  3. Thanks for the info, both of you. I apologize, because I didn't know Smashwords operated that way. They really shouldn't proceed under the assumption that every author wants their book released ASAP. Well, now I know. I'll try to make sure this is less of a problem going forward.

  4. If it helps in the future, I'm pretty sure you can offer free "coupons" from Smashwords that make the book free, if you want to give out review copies. That way people can post a review to Smashwords, too.

  5. Much thanks for the mention! You'll be going up tomorrow!


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