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S.J. Bell, AKA LupLun, has a lifelong love of stories in all their myriad forms. In junior high, he used to stay up until 10 P.M. reading cheesey science-fiction novels. In high school, he was a Squaresoft fan and Babylon 5 junkie. In college, he studied English Literature and argued on the internet about the relative quality of anime dubs. Today, he lives on Long Island and attempts to write for a living. He spends his spare time reading and blogging about werewolves, watching movies with his girlfriend, and playing board games. He plays a poor game of Agricola, but a very good game of Innovation.

This blog was originally begun to chronicle his first novel's journey to publication. But there was mission creep very early on, so now it's a site for spotlighting whatever he has to say and shameless promotion. It has a sister blog, Lupines and Lunatics, which reviews paranormal fiction and urban fantasy.

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