Thursday, March 15, 2012

This is just a temporary setback.

*loud clangs and a small explosion from the back room*

*LupLun comes in, wearing soot-covered overalls and goggles that he quickly pulls up*

Okay, as mentioned before, we're having some technical problems with the ARCs. I thought I could distribute the Smashwords version for this purpose but Smashwords, in their infinite wisdom, does not allow their authors to set a release date. Just sends everything to the shelves as soon as it's uploaded.

I know, WTF, right?

So anyway, I now have to work things a little differently than I intended. The ARCs should be sent out tomorrow, but they will be .pdf only. I know I promised people I could get it to them in any major e-book format, but... well, shit happens. I have it on good authority that most e-readers, including Kindle, can be set up to read .pdfs, so it shouldn't be a major hassle. If it is a problem for anyone, I'll be glad to offer a review copy in another format, but you'll probably have to wait for release day.

On the subject: I said the release was May 7, but it looks like I can't guarantee that 100% either. I can guarantee that the book will be on Smashwords by then, but it takes time to get through to the other retailers. I'm going to submit the book to Smashwords a week or so early and hope it gets through in time, but support says it could take up to a month. So, the current schedule is, Smashwords on May 7th or somewhat earlier, other places shortly thereafter.

I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion, but this is what happens when you're publishing on a shoestring.

*pulls goggles back down and hefts sledgehammer*

If you'll excuse me...

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