Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stuff coming

If you're worried because I've been quiet around here, you should know that I've actually written quite a few posts lately. You just haven't seen them. I took a week to really work on some guest posts that I promised some fellow bloggers. They're done now, though, and should be showing up soon. I'll link them when they become available.

Early reviews for Bonds of Fenris should start trickling in this Monday. I've asked most of the ARC recipients to hold off until May, if possible, but that to post at their convenience. I expect that there'll be a small pop next week, then a steady trickle up until May, and then it's open season.

BTW, if you're an established book blogger and would like an ARC, they're still available. Just e-mail me.

Going to be a busy April. Better get my taxes done now.

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