Thursday, March 1, 2012

About those announcements...

Okay, so I promised you I'd have at least two things to talk about this week. Number one was supposed to be that I was re-opening Lupines and Lunatics after a three-month hiatus. That's... going to have to wait a little longer, I'm afraid. See, when I put my review blog on hiatus, there were two reasons: one, I was burned out and needed a break, and two, my day job was eating up too much time. Somewhat ironically, I lost my day job just a few weeks later, but rather than going back to reviews while the job-hunt proceeded, I decided to get Bonds of Fenris publication-ready. Now that's mostly done and I've got free time again... and I may have found a new job.

Always at the most inconvenient time...

Anyway, that may or may not affect my plans to go back to reviewing. For one, I don't know if I actually got the job yet. I might not. If I do, depending on how things shake out, I could be able to read on my lunch break. When I was able to do that, my reviewing hobby was very productive. On the other hand, when I had a short lunch it was nearly impossible. So... I'll have to wait and see what happens. Sorry.

Number two, however, is more encouraging. I have a cover for Bonds of Fenris, and the big reveal is slated for tomorrow. I've contacted a bunch of bloggers to do reveals on their websites, and around fifteen have agreed. I'll also be posting it here, and over at Goodreads. Meanwhile, the proofing is coming along, and I'll have ARCs soon. I'll mention this at the reveal tomorrow, but just to emphasize: any blogger that wants to request an ARC of Bonds of Fenris for review purposes, contact me at the link to the left. I might not be able to accommodate everyone, so get your requests in now!

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