Thursday, March 8, 2012

How do I published e-book?

I had hoped to have good news today about the ARCs. I got the finished proofs yesterday, and looking over them everything seems hunky-dory. Today I headed over to Smashwords to upload and convert them into e-book files. I figured to do the conversion, give them a quick once-over to ensure there were no formatting snafus, and send them out to reviewers tomorrow.

So I'm at the Smashwords site, going through the process and such, and I hit the point where I have to upload the actual book. I fill out all the fields, and finally get down to the big button at the bottom, which says... "Publish."

Not "Upload." Not "Next." Not "Accept." "Publish." As in, "put me on the shelves right now." I am reticent. Surely Smashwords is not going to just take my converted files and send them straight to the store, thus botching my marketing strategy? No, no, that's silly. Just in case, though, I check the FAQ to be sure. I find nothing. I mean, absolutely nil. There is no apparent proviso for uploading your book at one date and releasing it later. Nor is there any forum where such a question can be asked.

Um, okay, WTH, Smashwords? You've been around for years, how has this never come up? Is the entire indie publishing community flying by the seat of their pants at all times? Doesn't anybody do long-range planning anymore?

Well, whatever. Things wouldn't be worth doing if they weren't hard. I've sent them an e-mail to hopefully clear this up. ARCs soon, people, I promise!

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