Thursday, October 13, 2011

On Somnatic Hallucinations

I prefer thoughtful posts to pointless ones, but having decided pointless posts are better than dead air, a few words on dreams:

I barely remember most of my dreams, but when I do they're really freaky ones. For years, whenever I had a really bad cold, I would have a recurring dream that I was trapped in a series of tight tunnels beneath a rocket, and had to escape before blast-off or the flames from the rocket would incinerate me. A few months ago I had a really nasty one about being crushed to death in a trash compactor. And, on a more humorous note, I dreamed more recently that I was in a stare-down with a U.S. military helicopter that tried to shoot me with a missile. I ducked and the missile tore across the room and blew up my dresser instead.

Last night was especially weird, though. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping last night, you see. One of those nights when you lie in bed, knowing you need sleep before getting up for work tomorrow, and unable to drift off. It got so bad that when I finally fell asleep, I dreamed I was still trying to fall asleep. I thought to myself "You know, I should take off this shirt." And I did, only to find another shirt underneath it. Then I wondered what I was doing with a shirt on, since I don't normally sleep with one. Then I woke up, still in bed and thinking, "What the hell?"

I started looking around for Rod Serling, as that would at least explain some stuff.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend has a dream that she beat the hell out of some asswipe who tried to pick her up, stuck a condom up his butt for the humiliation factor, and then found me and sexed me up.

She always gets the good dreams.

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