Monday, January 2, 2012

Not so fast, Mr. Gordon

Late last year, I put nearly everything on hold to focus on revising Bonds of Fenris. It was annoying, since I've been revising practically since I've finished it, and each time I told myself that this one would be the last. But this time I meant it. This time, I have a finished book. I told myself I would can the blogging, can the queries, can the other writing, put everything aside and just get the book to a point where I am proud of it. Again.

Well, I succeeded. A few days before New Year's, I wrapped up the final tweaks to the final chapter of my eventually-to-be debut novel. Now, with a brand new year before us, it's time to buckle down and get the book out, and no more of monkeying around with a publishing industry that has too many manuscripts on its hand and no way to fish out the good ones. I'm going indie. I'm doing it myself. But, I can't go it alone. So, I nosed around for advice on how, exactly, to go about this. I checked with Smashwords, I checked with Ms. Moon (whose book, I must add, is awesome), I checked with the Self-Publishing Review, and all of them said the first step was the same: hire an editor to help you revise it.

Le sigh.

Don't get me wrong, I know they're right. Every writer thinks their work is the best, and so every writer needs someone to beat them over the head for their failures. But it's the same problem I had with the query process: lots of wheel-spinning without a feeling of going anywhere. So I whine, and I moan. But still and all, I can't send my book into the wild unprepared, can I?

Happy New Year, all. Anyone know a cheap and reputable freelance editor?

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