Thursday, January 26, 2012

LupLun's First Novel Mixtape

So, a fellow blogger and I got into a minor tiff over playlists the other day. You know how authors will share lists of songs that they think go well with their work? Where did that start, anyway? I know it was unique and different when Carrie Vaughn did it in '05...

Well, anyway, since that was on my mind and I didn't have a better idea for this week's blog post, I spent an afternoon bringing together a playlist of songs that I think go well with Bonds of Fenris. Some of these have been associated with scenes in the book since first draft, others are newer additions. I hope it'll give potential readers an idea of how the book "feels".

"Under the Milky Way", Church
"I Need A Dollar", Aloe Blacc
"In Too Deep", Sum 41
"Sinnerman", Nina Simone*
"Mad World", Gary Jules
"Losing My Religion", R.E.M.
"Letters From The Sky", Civil Twilight
"Going Under", Evanescence
"Twenty-One Guns", Green Day
"M4 (Part II)", Faunts
"Crockett's Theme", Jan Hammer**
"Glad You Came", The Wanted***
"Just What I Needed", The Cars
"Trouble", Coldplay
"Scars", Papa Roach
"Hash Pipe", Weezer
"My Friends", Red Hot Chili Peppers
"All I Want", The Offspring
"Dig", Incubus
"Knights of Cydonia", Muse****
"The Piper", ABBA

*Not sure about this one -- the air of increasing panic is perfect, but the ending less so. And frankly, the song goes on about 6 minutes longer than it needs to.

**Yes, from Miami Vice. And Pure Moods. Shut up.

***I did not know this was a boy band until I looked up the video. I thought it was a David Guetta-type song, not five identical-sounding "cute" guys. I almost replaced it, but decided that "too happy to care about embarrassing yourself" works with the scene in question.

****Epic, or mock epic? You decide!


  1. Was that a tiff? I thought it was a joke S:D Anyway, I don't have anything against playlists, just that one in specific S:D It was trying a bit hard.

    Annnnnyway, there are some pretty cool songs in there :0 I may have to tease you a bit for Going Under (nobody admits to liking Fallen-era Evanescence anymore, we have to keep very quiet about that!) I really liked I Need a Dollar, and man, Coldplay <3 They get a lot of hate, but that music... Love.

    Civil Twilight is something of a new discovery, but that's a really awesome song :0


  2. I cannot tell a lie: I called it a "tiff" to make reality sound more impressive than it actually is. I'm a writer, it's my job. ~_^

    Shooting for the Moon


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