Thursday, October 11, 2012

All the Lovely Creatures

Remember that anthology I've been talking about recently? Check it out:

The anthology is out, and I'm pleased to be starting it off* with my story, "No Such Thing." It is the second story to feature Gerald Westmoor and Kyle Thompson, (The first, in case you don't remember, is here,) and I am very proud of it. The other authors, a few of whom I helped edit, have also put together first-rate work. So, enjoy! There's been talk of doing another one soon, and I hope it comes to pass, because this was a lot of fun!

*- Okay, I'm only first because the stories were compiled alphabetically by author. Still, I'm proud to be there. ^_^


  1. If you do end up compiling another one, I'd like to submit for it. I love writing werewolf and fantasy-based stories, even if the werewolves aren't the typical kind. Or they can be, depending on my mood.

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